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Do your best by understanding the best.

We live in a world powered by knowledge. No matter what field you are in, the people the rise to the top are the ones with the most skills and information.

However, not everyone has access to a classroom environment. We believe everyone deserves access to high-quality courses.

We share university-level coursework and powerful educational resources with the world so that everyone can learn the skills they need to succeed in a career that they love.

We also believe that everyone deserves to learn in a way that works best for them.

The Problems We're Solving

"While we might have the most educated population ever, these degrees aren’t necessarily giving people the practical work skills they need."

Harvard Business Review

"Not only are great teachers leaving, but attracting new teachers to the profession is becoming more difficult. That challenge is more pronounced among low-income communities and communities of color."


"Roughly 60% of high school graduates are not fully prepared to take college-level coursework, and racial gaps in college readiness measures have changed little during the past decade."

The Brookings Institution

Courses that Teach You to Think Like an Expert

Every domain of study has a system of knowledge behind it that has taken centuries to create. By learning the models, methods, and thinkers that experts rely on, you can become an expert yourself.

We make expert thinking visible and understandable so that you can make the world's knowledge your own. The technique we use is used in medical schools and leading universities across the globe.


Step One

Master the fundamentals of the Art of Learning and understand how knowledge works.


Step Two

Equip yourself with an innovative system for targeted academic development.


Step Three

Learn from experts exactly how to succeed in their disciplines in and out of the classroom.

Learner Transformation

"Learning with Onyx was the turning point of my learning journey. Since I took this course, I have become more well organized and targeted in my learning. It not only enabled me to gain practical and efficient learning habits and methods that show significant results in a short time, but also motivated and guided me to start planning my lifelong personal learning system."

By Zoe

"Onyx Learning programs are the most thought-provoking and revolutionary projects I have ever come across with. Founded with the vision of making learning — authentic and life-relevant, Onyx is one of the very few platforms in the world that wishes to bring out the true meaning of knowledge. I am glad to join Onyx and explore its unique teaching methodologies designed to provide learners a whole different and practical way of achieving personal mastery in life."

By Anshita

"I wish Onyx existed when I was a student! It made me realize how digital learning can bring so much value to the education system not just in our country (the Philippines), but the entire world! I still can’t believe how affordable this is with all the knowledge you get to access. I highly recommend this to students, teachers, parents, to everyone!"

By April

Cognitive apprenticeship

Making expert knowledge real

The Cognitive Apprenticeship method takes learning to the next level by teaching you how the experts use their knowledge to solve problems and develop new ideas.

Instead of making you memorize disconnected facts, we demonstrate how the right information can be organized and understood to master any academic discipline. We then work with you to hone the skills you need to succeed.

Our Features

World-Class Experience

Learn the thinking of accomplished teachers and leading figures in your discipline.

Leading Curriculum

Educate yourself with top-notch study materials designed in collaboration with experts.

Online Community

Join a community at Onyx University or start a local Learning & Leadership chapter. 

Groups & Discussions 

Get access to an engaging network of educators and your fellow learners at Onyx University.

Activities & Projects

Practice concepts and new skills with interactive assignments to grow your capabilities.

Video Podcasts

Learn through high-quality and easy-to-understand video podcasts with experts.


Get Important information and supporting materials for learning and revision in PDF format.

Lifetime Access

Stay up to date and get notified any time course content is updated with new information.

Credible Content

Be confident knowing that everything you are learning comes from the best sources.

Affordable Fees

Make your academic dreams come true at accessible price points with our payment plans.

Easy Offline Access

Learn even when you are offline through our in-app downloads and video delivery system. 

Anytime & Anywhere

Learn at your own pace through the web and our easy-to-navigate Android & iOS Apps.

Join Online Communities or Start Your Own

Take your learning to the next level by starting a local Onyx Learning & Leadership community at your school and you will get a free virtual space at Onyx University.

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